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by Admin updated November 20, 2020

Mercari: The Best App to Sell Clothes and Other Gently Used Items
Mercari is a “make-money app” that allows you to set up your own online thrift store in minutes. It is one of the most popular and trusted apps to sell clothes, vintage items, electronic devices, toys, and more. 

"Mercari is a “make-money app” that allows you to set up your own online thrift store in minutes."

Cash in on Clutter with this Popular Money-Making App
Do you have a closet full of gently used handbags, shoes, clothes, baby stuff, or other items? The Mercari app can help you turn your used items into cash quickly while also allowing you to reclaim your closet space.

Mercari is one of the most popular apps to sell clothes online quickly and safely. Millions of shoppers use the app daily. Find out if this make-money app is right for you. Download the Mercari app and set up your shop today.

Overview of Mercari
Mercari is a “sell your clothes” app that allows you to set up a virtual shop online and list your brand-name or vintage items quickly. While it is popular for used clothing, shoes, handbags, and other fashion-related items, you can list almost anything on Mercari. This includes toys, electronic devices, collectible items, and more.
Benefits of Mercari
Mercari is a great way to start making money by apps. Mercari makes it easier than ever to upload photos, write quick product descriptions, and sell your stuff.
Mercari allows you to

– Easily list almost any physical item.

– Receive payment instantly.

– Take advantage of their “suggested” prices based on similar items.

– Mercari’s pricing tool helps suggest prices for your items based on similar items sold.

– Promote your items their easy-to-use “Promote” feature.

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How Do You Get Paid with Mercari?

Mercari’s Instant Pay platform allows you to get paid as soon as you have a balance. Your direct payment may show up in your bank account in 30 minutes or less when you make a withdrawal.
How Much Can You Earn with Mercari?
There are several apps like Mercari, but few are as popular. This makes it easier for you to sell you stuff with Mercari than other similar apps. Your earning potential is only limited by what you have to sell. 
How It Works
Step 1: Find Free or Low-Cost Items to Sell
Clean out your closet to find gently used brand-name items. You can also search for free or low priced stuff on local sites or garage sales.
Step 2: Sign up for a Mercari Account
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Mercari makes it easy to sign-up with Facebook or email.
Step 3: Take Attractive Photos for Your Stuff
Take photos from multiple angles against a plain background, so your product stands out.
Step 4: Upload Them to Your Mercari Store
Post your photos easily and add a description so your customers can see exactly what they are getting.
Step 5: Promote Your Items So They Sell Faster
Post your items to your social media accounts so your friends can see what you have to sell.
Step 6: Ship Your Items and Collect Payment
Mercari handles the payment details and helps with shipping. They show you exactly how much shipping will cost and allow you to print labels, so you never have to worry about getting the shipping information wrong.
How Much Does It Cost to List Items with Mercari?
If you want to make money from apps, Mercari is a risk-free way to start. Listing an item on Mercari doesn’t cost anything. They take a 10% fee only after your item has been sold.
Why Choose Mercari?
Shintaro Yamada founded Mercari in 2013 with one goal in mind–to help people connect and circulate goods worldwide. Since then, it has become one of the best money-making apps available. Mercari has:

– More than 15 million active shoppers

– More than 50 million downloads in the U.S.
– More than 350,000 new items listed every day
– A 4.8-star rating in the App Store

– A 4.5-star rating in Google Play

Are You Ready to Make Money with Mercari?
Find out how easy it is to turn your clutter into cash using one of the best apps to make money with.
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