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Get Money Back with the Paribus App
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by Admin updated October 25, 2020

Get Money Back on Price Drops with the Paribus App
Get the convenience of automated price-checking at numerous popular stores with Paribus. This app helps you get your money back when prices drop.

"Get the convenience of automated price-checking at numerous popular stores with Paribus."

Paribus Review: Overview
Paribus is one of the best money-saving apps for shopping that helps consumers save money by monitoring product prices from retailers and automatically refunding them for any differences.
Since retailers have various policies on this, Paribus uses each company’s policy when filing for your refunds. Any refund earned will be sent by the merchant to the card you used for payment. You can demand to see a summary of refunds obtained each month.
To sign up, you’ll need to download and install the app or visit the Paribus website on your computer. You must have a valid email with Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook to sign up with the app. If you don’t have an email account with any of those servers, you can allow Paribus’ email fetcher to import or auto-forward emails.
Earn Money from Apps: How to Earn From Paribus
This money-back shopping app works by obtaining records of the fluctuating prices of items you buy using the digital receipts sent to your email. This is why the app requires your permission to access your email.
Once access has been granted on the permissions screen, Paribus operates in the background of your phone or computer. It scans through all your purchase receipts checking for those that are eligible for refunds.
If a price drop of $3.00 or more is found, Paribus notifies you. Then, it reaches out to the retailer and walks you through the process of getting your money back.
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Paribus Earning Potential
Price Drops
If you want the best deals even after buying an item, downloading Paribus is your best bet. The app monitors the retailers’ sites for lowered prices.
When a price drops, Paribus sends an automatic email to the retailer inquiring about a refund of the price difference on your behalf. Alternatively, the app will simply send you a notification on how to get a refund from the retailer.
Late Deliveries
Paribus knows when your packages should be delivered. If you pay for “next-day” delivery and it doesn’t show up on time, the Paribus’ delivery monitoring service will detect the late arrival and send you an alert. Afterward, you can reach out to the retailer to get back the extra money spent on that not-so-fast delivery.
Long Pin
In instances where you would like to return a product, Paribus checks when you made purchases and examines them against the retailer’s return policy. When the deadline return date nears, Paribus sends you an alert along with return instructions to help you get back your rightful cash.
Your Shopping Just Got Stress-Free with Paribus
Making money on items you’ve already bought is a pretty charming idea for anyone who loves shopping. The Paribus app makes this a reality without charging a fee. Making money from apps has never been this easy!
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