Get Paid to Perform Retail Store Projects | Merchandiser App

Get Paid to Perform Retail Store Projects | Merchandiser App
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by Admin updated October 25, 2020

Get Paid for Retail Store Projects With the Merchandiser App
Merchandiser by pays regular people real money to complete small projects in local retail stores. Users can find quick and simple tasks in their area for things like inventory audits, product demos, merchandising, restocking shelves, and more. Get started by finding a local gig in your area today.

"Merchandiser by pays regular people real money to complete small projects in local retail stores."

Merchandiser App Overview
Use the free Merchandiser by app, available on both iOS or Android, to check out which projects are available in your area. Merchandiser connects local representatives with businesses that need short term work done. The business owners then get the advantage of having a flexible retail workforce that they don’t need to train.
You get to choose which projects to complete with new projects added daily ranging from five-minute audits to 5-8 hour shifts, and you can get paid up to $150 per day via PayPal for your time. On average, most projects take about 15 minutes.
It’s absolutely free to join and you don’t need any prior merchandising experience, and everything is done through the Merchandiser app. Get extra income and learn new skills that make you an even more valuable retail representative, all in your own time.
How to Earn
Earning money with the Merchandiser app is simple. For starters, you’ll need to download the app and create an account. Then, you’ll be shown a list of merchandising jobs near you in the app. The details of the gig will let you know where the work will be done, what the requirements are, how long the task will take, and how much you will be paid.
If you want to work for a specific store, you can request those stores so that they know you’re interested in working for them. Regardless of how you choose to pick up a gig, you’ll then head out to your assigned store and follow the instructions in the gig description.
As soon as one of the team members at Merchandiser has reviewed your work, you’ll be all set and will receive your payment. In just a few quick steps, you’ll be on your way to earning real money for simple tasks in your own neighborhood!
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Earning Potential
The earning potential at Merchandiser is huge! You’re allowed to accept as many gigs as you feel comfortable completing in a day. That means you can do anything from two to 20 gigs depending on how much time each one takes and what you’re able to handle. You can even earn up to $100 as a referral bonus for each person you refer.
Every month, you’ll receive your payment via PayPal. The team sends you money three times a month. Some gigs have special requirements and earnings rules. If that’s the case, the details will be outlined right when you accept the gig. In those instances, you may get paid differently than usual.
* Some projects require you to lift up to 35 pounds, but they will let you know in advance if required
* Own an iOS or Android smartphone
* Have access to reliable transportation
* Be able to follow instructions
* Must be punctual and have strong communication skills
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Find a Local Retail Store Job With Merchandiser
If you’re looking for a side hustle, the Merchandiser app is a great way to earn some extra cash.
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