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by Admin updated October 26, 2020

Swagbucks: Put Cash Back in Your Wallet and Make Quick Money
Looking for money making apps? Swagbucks gives you free gift cards and cash for everyday things you do online.

Headquarters: El Segundo, California

Founded: 2005

Company Size: 201-500 Employees

Company Type: Private

"Swagbucks gives you free gift cards and cash for everyday things you do online."

Be a Part of a Fun Rewards Program
If you want to learn how to make money with apps, try out Swagbucks! With over $468 million given back and over a million happy members, you can’t go wrong. You can shop, search, watch, answer questions, and more to earn points and redeem them for gift cards or cashback. 
Swagbucks offers exclusive discounts and prizes you won’t find anywhere else. Once you join, it’s easy to earn points for all the things you’re already doing on the web! And best of all, it’s completely free to join.
How to Earn with Swagbucks
All you need to do is download the Swagbucks app on your smartphone and set up an account for free. Once you’re set up, you will begin to receive reward points when you complete simple online tasks like searching the web, watching videos, and filling out paid online surveys.
You’ll be ‘paid’ in Swagbucks points (shortened to SBs) which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. The gift cards they offer come from over 1,500 retailers including Amazon, iTunes, Currys PC World, and Tesco.
If you would rather use the app to make money from Swagbucks, there’s an option to convert points straight into your PayPal account as cash. You even have the option to donate to charity if you’re feeling generous!
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Earning Potential
To give you an idea of what SB points are worth, a $5 Amazon gift card will cost you 500 SB and $25 in cashback via Paypal will run you 1900 SB. These accumulate quicker than you might think, simply because there are so many tasks and activities looped into Swagbucks – many of which you probably do already! Swagbucks also frequently run sales on their rewards, meaning fewer SBs are needed to redeem vouchers.
* Make Swagbucks your default search engine and earn 100–20 SB points for every 10 to 20 searches
* Complete short surveys and polls for 40–100 SB depending on the survey
* Download apps and games to your phone to earn several hundred SBs or more, depending on the offer.
* Shop online and earn cashback with participating Swagbuck earners, deals like 5 SB for every $1 spent
* Refer your friends to Swagbucks so you and your friend get 300 SB when they sign up and earn 10% of your friends’ SB earnings

* Download the SwagButton browser extension for 50 SB

Long Pin
* Watch out for Swag Codes to get super easy and instant SB points
* Complete daily goals and receive SB points for each task you complete
* Enter competitions using SBs for prizes like tech gadgets or bigger bundles of SBs
* Play games online and on mobile to earn up to 10SB per game
* Sign up for free and paid trials for services
* Watch videos for small payouts

Download the App

Make money from apps today with Swagbucks: free gift cards and cash for everyday things you do online.
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