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Shop and Earn Rewards with Shopkick
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by Admin updated October 25, 2020

The Best Mobile App to Shop and Earn Great Rewards
Shopkick pays you to check-in and shop at your favorite stores.

"Shopkick pays you to check-in and shop at your favorite stores. "

Shopkick App Overview
Shopkick is a location-based free shopping app for Android and iPhone users. You earn “kicks” when you check-in at participating stores, scan barcodes on certain products, and even make purchases. The kicks can be redeemed for restaurant vouchers, movie tickets, iTunes gift cards, retail gift cards, and more. Participating businesses offer Shopkick users exclusive incentives and discounts.

The number of participating stores varies from time to time. However, major stores like Target, TJ Maxx, American Eagle, Best Buy, Crate, and Macy’s have made the roster several times. Shopkick also partners with specific food brands that give you rewards for scanning their products on specific days.

How to Earn
Unlike most apps for making money, Shopkick offers you several ways to earn – not just one. Here are the different ways you can earn.
Scan Barcodes on Select Products
You can earn kicks when you shop for select products in the store and scan the barcodes using the Shopkick’s in-app scanner. The number of kicks you can earn by scanning barcodes ranges from 10 to 75 depending on the store and brand.
Walk Into Stores
Users get upwards of 10 kicks for simply walking into a partner store. Shopkick uses GPS to track your shopping and rewards your account immediately.
Buy With a Linked Card
With Shopkick, you automatically earn kicks when you checkout with a credit or debit card linked to the app. The number of kicks you can earn varies depending on the store, with most offering a flat reward like 3 kicks per dollar spent.
Online Purchases
Earning kicks by visiting online stores is a relatively new feature to Shopkick. You’ll get 2-5 kicks instantly when you visit online stores and view or buy online products.
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Submit a Receipt
If you don’t have a linked card, submit your receipt when you purchase select products. You’ll get anywhere from 150 to 1000 kicks per item purchased within 48 hours.
Watch Videos
You can earn 3-5 kicks on Shopkick when you watch 15- to 30-second ads in the “Discover” section of the app.
Earning Potential
The amount you can earn with Shopkick varies depending on the type of activity you do, how much effort you put in, and the stores you visit. The kicks are more like loyalty points, and it’s important to understand how much they are worth.
250 kicks are an equivalent of $1, and you can only redeem them for a gift card when you have a minimum of 500 kicks.
You can earn 200 kicks when you link your credit or debit card to Shopkick. Referrals get you about 250 kicks.
Long Pin
You can earn more than 25 kicks when you walk into stores and an additional 500 kicks by scanning receipts. Scanning items earns you 10-50 kicks depending on the store and brand.
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If you frequently shop at Walmart, Target, CVS, or other stores in Shopkick, downloading the app is a worthwhile investment. Shopkick is a fun app and a great way to earn rewards without spending a dime. Earn from apps today!
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