How to Actually Make Money From Your Side Hustle
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by Admin updated December 19, 2020
Is your family part of the 63% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck? Life is expensive, and it’s common to come up short with your paycheck. In fact, one in three Americans struggle to pay even the basic expenses.

One in three Americans struggle to pay even the basic expenses.

Even if you’re paying your bills just fine, having a side hustle is a smart move. It helps you reach your financial goals faster, and it gives you a safety net if you lose your regular job or take a pay decrease. Many people turn their side gigs into full-time incomes and have the option to leave their regular jobs.
Keep reading to learn how to actually make money from your side hustles from home.
Choose Side Hustles That Fit Your Lifestyle
Side hustle jobs come in all different types. Money-making apps, freelancing, rideshare driving, deliveries, blogging, and selling your products or services are just a few examples of ways you can make money on the side.
To make them profitable, they need to fit your lifestyle. You might be able to craft beautiful handmade art, but if you have a tiny home with no studio space and kids running around, it’ll be difficult to get the work done. You’ll likely find it difficult to be profitable.
Your side hustle should match your lifestyle at this time. It needs to be something you can pick up quickly and do easily wherever your life takes you.
That’s why money-making apps are great for anyone. You can use them anywhere and make money no matter what you’re doing.
Start With Your Skills and Passions
What skills do you already have that could translate into a side hustle? What gets you excited?
If you’re excellent with words or taught yourself graphic design, you might enter the gig economy and freelance offering those services. For outdoor lovers, mowing lawns or shoveling snow can be good side hustles.
Money-making apps can also match your skills and things you like to do. If you have a lot to say and love to share your opinion, survey apps can be a good way to make extra cash. If you love to meet people and drive around, you can use the Lyft app to find ridesharing gigs.
Shopping fans have plenty of money-making app options. You can get cashback on the things you already buy with the Ibotta app and similar cashback apps. Or go shopping for other people and earn cash with the Instacart app.
Choosing something that you enjoy increases the chances of you wanting to do your side hustle frequently. That means you’ll earn more money and make the side gig more profitable.
Find Side Hustles That Are Easy to Start
Making quick money right away can be rewarding and helps you keep going with your side gig. Some side businesses can be profitable eventually, but they can take months or years to begin earning a significant amount. It’s easy to lose interest and quit before you reach the profitable stage with those types of gigs.
Many money-making apps are satisfying because you can start making money as soon as you begin using the apps. You don’t have to invest in any equipment or do any prep work before you start seeing the profits. You simply download the apps and start using them.
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Other side gigs take more of an upfront investment, and the income is a longer-range goal. If you want to sell photography or become a freelance photographer, you’ll need to invest in camera equipment and create a website. You’re also responsible for finding your own clients and building your client base to increase your income, which can be challenging.
YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs can be monetized with ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. However, you have to invest a lot of time in creating the content and building your audience to generate a steady income stream.
The most profitable options are things that allow you to start earning money immediately. You could start selling things you no longer want on the OfferUp app for example.
Learn All You Can About Your Side Hustle
Once you choose your side hustle, dive in right away and start learning through experience. When you download a money-making app, explore the different options and read the tutorials on it.
You can also do research from outside sources to understand fully how different apps work and how you can maximize your earning potential. Our site offers detailed overviews of many money-making apps that can serve as a good primer for making more money.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things with your side gigs. You’ll learn a lot about how to make more money simply by testing out different strategies.
Organize Your Side Hustles
Money-making apps are a great way to get started on side hustle jobs. Maximize your time using those money-making apps or do other side hustle work by keeping everything organized.
Sort your money-making apps on your phone into folders so they’re easily accessible. Keep the folder on the main screen so you see them every time you access your phone. This serves as a reminder to use the apps regularly.
Set up a space to manage your side hustle if it requires physical objects or records. When you can leave the items out and ready to go, you can pick up work on your side gig much faster without setting up first.
Diversify Your Income Sources
When you first begin online side hustles, you might pick one to ease into the extra work. It’s a good test to see how a side hustle fits into your life.
However, it’s always smart to diversify your extra income sources to maximize your profits. You might do well with one money-making app only to have your income slow down from it.
Your circumstances might change and make your current side hustle more difficult. Say you’ve been doing ridesharing but you get into an accident or your car breaks down. That source of income suddenly dries up.
When you’re using multiple money-making apps or have multiple side hustles going, you have a backup plan if one stream dries up or slows down. You can ramp up the side hustles that are offering more opportunities or are more profitable at the time.
Reinvest in Your Side Hustles
Starting with something easy that brings in money right away is a solid way to build your extra income. Money-making apps are a good example of something that’s easy to start and makes money right away.
You can then put that money back into a bigger side gig if you have other dreams. Maybe you want to start a YouTube channel, create a monetized blog, or create an online course. Those side gigs often take more time to build up income, so having the quick money from apps can make it easier to invest in those longer-term options.
You might put some of the extra money into a camera or podcasting equipment, for example. This gives you another income stream option that you can grow over time.
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Set Aside Time to Work
The great thing about online side hustles is that you can do them anytime from anywhere. But that can also make it easy to forget to do the work or put it off until another time.
Schedule specific times to work on your side hustle jobs to ensure you’re giving them the time they need to make you money. Look at your schedule to find pockets of time that fit with your side gigs.
You might have an extra hour after work before you pick your kids up from school. Perhaps you take your child to dance class and can work while you wait.
Reworking your schedule can also help you find dedicated time for your side gig. You might wake up an hour early to get in side gig time before you go to your primary job.
Think about time you waste now that could go toward your side gigs. Maybe you spend an hour scrolling social media after work or watch TV during your spare time. Reclaim that time for your side gig to increase your income.
Treat It Like a Business
If you just want to make a little extra money here and there, you can take a casual approach. If you have specific goals you want to reach, treat your side gig like a business. That means keeping records, tracking your progress, continuing to learn, and reinvesting in your side business.
Set goals for your side gig to help you stay profitable. You might have a goal of doing a certain number of deliveries or rideshare jobs for the month. Your goals could be financial with a goal of reaching a certain income amount by the end of the month.
Once you have your goals, lay out steps that’ll help you reach them. Track your progress throughout the month toward reaching those goals to keep yourself motivated.
No matter how serious you take your side gig, you’ll also need to track and report the money on your income taxes. If you don’t report the income, you could face tax assessments and penalties down the road. Avoid that possibility by recording and reporting everything you earn from your side gig throughout the year.
Make Your Side Hustle Profitable
A side hustle can put extra money in your pocket, help you pay your bills, and get ahead financially. Making strategic choices and choosing the best side hustles for your situation increases profitability and keeps you motivated to stick with it.
Explore our favorite money-making apps to get started with side hustles from home.
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