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by Admin updated March 11, 2020
One of the best ways to make some quick cash is by selling old clothing and smaller household goods. One of the best money-making apps for selling these items is Mercari.

One of the best ways to make some quick cash is by selling old clothing and smaller household goods. One of the best money-making apps for selling these items is Mercari.

It’s a simple process that requires no upfront capital. Commission fees are low, and you’ll find a huge customer base.
The one major challenge is your competition. As Mercari is a popular platform, you’ll have to make your listings stand out from similar listings.
You’ll have to make sure you improve your seller’s reputation to ensure continuous sales.
Here’s what you need to know on how to sell on Mercari:
The Process
After creating your account, you can add a listing through the dashboard. Within the listing, you can include up to 8 pictures and a detailed description.
You have control over the listing price. You can also choose the shipping fees, or you can use Mercari Now.
Shipping gets handled via UPS or FedEx. With Mercari Now, your goods will get picked up from your home and delivered to your recipient.
Your funds are held in escrow through Mercari. Once the buyer receives them, they’ll get sent to your account.
You can receive your payments instantly for a $2 fee. Or you can receive a direct deposit within 5 business days.
Best Products for Selling on Mercari
You want to know what to sell on Mercari that’ll bring fast sales and big profits.
While there are different types of products you can sell, you want to choose products that meet these two criteria.
You want to try to sell a product that makes you a minimum of $5 profit. For used clothing, you might not make a profit, but you want to recover at least $10 of your initial cost.
With clothing, try to sell name-brands. If you have a plain white T-shirt from a generic brand, it probably won’t sell. But if it’s a plain white T-shirt from H & M, you should try to sell it.
Clothing for toddlers and babies also sells well. Women’s clothing often sells better than men’s clothing.
For men, however, you can try to sell higher-end items such as suits, blazers, dress shoes, etc. Make sure you research what men consider essential items to decide what to sell to them.
The Basics on How to List an Item
Next, let’s look at the best way to create your product listings. Since you can put up to 8 images, make sure you use all 8. Make sure you put different angles of each product.
You want to show the interior and exterior of a product. It’s also best to have as much light on the product as possible.
Avoid creating a glare in the photograph and try to reduce shadows. We’ll get into this in more detail in the next section.
With your description, make sure you focus on the key features of each product. The best template is to look at your favorite products on Amazon.
You’ll notice that they highlight the best features of a product. For example, does the flashlight have an LED light option? Is the shirt made out of pure Egyptian cotton?
You have to assume that your customers will skim rather than read your product descriptions.
Be succinct with your words and try to make them stand out. We’ll discuss this in more detail as well.
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Photographing Your Item
If possible, always use an HD camera to photograph your items. This makes the image as crisp and detailed as possible.
Have 1 or 2 photographs that show the full item covering the entire frame. For additional photographs, zoom in on details.
For example, if you’re selling a shirt, you can zoom in on the graphics or the buttons. For a belt, zoom in and show the buckle in detail.
If the item has any flaws, make sure that you photograph these flaws in as much detail as possible. If you fail to show these flaws, you can expect to get a customer complaint, a negative review, and a refund request!
If you can invest in a mannequin, this is the best way to showcase your item. You can also wear the item yourself or hire a friend as a model.
Describing Your Item
You can expect buyers to ask for more details on your products. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if there are too many questions, it means that you’ve got a poor description.
Here are some of the questions to answer through your product description:
* What are the materials used in this product?
(Highlight the best materials, such as leather, silk, cashmere, etc.)
* How’s the fit? How comfortable is it?
* What’s the occasion to wear it?
* How does it make you feel? (Relaxed, sexy, suave, etc.)
* What can you use the product for?
You want to highlight the best features in the item’s title as well. Are you selling a leather purse from a name brand? Then you can write:
NEW Vera Wang Leather Purse
What about selling a bra? You can write:
SEXY Victoria’s Secret Pushup Bra
What about selling a nice blazer? Here’s an example:
SUAVE Egyptian Wool Oxford-Style Blazer
It’s best to look at the competition on Mercari to get an idea of what the most popular titles are. Use them as a template to write your own product titles.
How to Price an Item
You want to start by pricing your item at least 10% of what you’ll initially wish to sell it for.
Let’s say you own a shirt which you paid $10 for. Let’s assume it’ll cost $5 to ship. Mercari takes a 10% commission from your sale.
So let’s say you sell your shirt for $30. Your total profit will come to $12.
($30 Sale minus $5 Shipping minus $10 shirt minus $3 commission)
This is a great option as you make a minimum of $5 for profit. However, you might want a markup of at least 10% in the beginning. So when you first list this shirt, you can list it for $33.
Long Pin
If you find that $33 is too high for customers, then gradually reduce the price. You should try not to go lower so that your profit won’t fall below $5.
After you receive a few “likes” on your listing, you might want to consider lowering the price. This gives your customers the impression that you want to give them the best deal.
Free Shipping
So when should you offer free shipping to your customers? As a general rule, you should try to offer it as much as possible.
Customers want to spend as little as possible, and they hate paying for shipping costs. If your product is over $15, you should try to offer free shipping — as long as it doesn’t cut too much into your profits.
An alternative strategy is to hike up your listing price and offer free shipping. If the estimated shipping cost is $5, add this amount to your listing price and offer free shipping instead.
Become a Regular Seller
If you want to succeed with Mercari, you have to become a regular seller. With each successful sale, you can expect a positive review and a boost to your profile.
However, with sporadic sales, you can expect your competition to walk miles ahead of you. As such, you want to make sure you set at least 10 items aside to sell on Mercari.
Publish all 10 of these items at the same time on Mercari. Try your best to make sure your item count doesn’t fall below 5. Your satisfied customers will keep visiting your profile to see what you offer.
If you go weeks or months without many listings, you’ll lose your customer’s loyalty. As such, treat selling on Mercari seriously as you would with other similar apps.
Promote Your Mercari Profile
Once you’ve listed your items, make sure to promote your profile as much as possible.
Share your profile’s link on your social media platforms and share it with your friends. If you’re part of email lists and instant-messaging lists, share the link there.
Don’t be shy to drop it into a conversation that you’re selling on Mercari. You never know when your network might be looking for something you’re selling.
As you become successful with sales, you might want to print business cards with your Mercari profile on them. Hand these out to your network and see if you can place them in local businesses.
You can also encourage your customers to share your profile. As an incentive, you can offer them discounts or alert them on new listings if they promote your profile to others.
You can also offer a commission to your friends if they refer others to your Mercari profile. If they have a wide network, this can increase your sales in the long run.
Make Money Today
Now that you know about how to succeed with selling on Mercari, you can make your account today!
Follow the steps in this guide, and you’ll surely find success with making fast money through this app. Please share this guide with your friends and family who need to find a great side hustle.
We’re also here to help you make money through the best money-making apps. Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions!
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