What Are the Best Money Making Apps in 2021?
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by Admin updated July 22, 2020
Making money from apps may seem too good to be true but it’s easier than ever to do nowadays. You may not earn enough to quit your job but the best money making apps may pay for easy tasks. You can make money from viewing ads, completing surveys or reviewing games and movies.
If you’re like the average US adult, you probably spend up to 3 hours and 43 minutes per day on your phone. Money making apps can allow you to translate that phone obsession into dollars or shopping points.
Are you trying to learn more about the best money making apps? If yes, you should check out our detailed guidelines right here.

Are you trying to learn more about the best money making apps? If yes, you should check out our detailed guidelines right here.

How to Make Money with Apps
Before we delve into the best money making apps, it would help you learn how to make money with apps. Most money-making apps require a simple free download and a sign up to get started. The only thing expected of you is to be in the right geographical location (some are US-based only).
Making money from apps doesn’t always require a ton of knowledge or effort. For example, Fronto only needs to run in the background and a few interactions to give you up to $2 per day.
Activities and earnings vary on the various apps. On one money making app, you could shop and receive tips while earning commissions from referrals. Some apps may have tasks that keep you entertained and engaged as you pile up more dollars.
How much can you make from the best money making apps? It can be challenging to predict or figure out your earnings straightaway. Various apps reward efforts differently─ you may earn points, gift cards, or cash. Your payments are likely to correlate to the number of interactions on an app.
Here are some best money makings apps you need to know more about in 2021.
If you love shopping online and feel like you’re not getting enough discounts, this is the app for you. Rakuten rewards you by giving you cash backs and discounts as long you shop from their referred websites.
To date, the app has attracted over 12 million members. Active users have earned over $1 billion in cash rewards, making it one of the best money making apps.
To start earning, join Rakuten for free and start shopping from the links provided on the app. Earnings here usually reflect how often one shops through the links. Every quarter, you will receive your winnings or payments via PayPal or as a check.
You would never imagine you can easily earn from every online activity until you come across Swagbucks. No promises of getting rich quickly but anyone will find it a breeze making money on this app. It’s the easiest way of making money from apps.
A free Swagbucks account is your ticket to earn from shopping online, browsing, viewing videos and short surveys. Your interactions will attract points which you can redeem as gift cards or convert into PayPal cash.
Maximize Swagbucks by making it your default search engine. Complete as many surveys as you can and download games and apps. Also, do some shopping and refer friends to earn perpetual passive income.
What if you could make quick cash by delivering groceries to various neighborhoods in your free time? Instacart is one of the most exciting money apps today. Not only do you enjoy unlimited flexibility but you also get to visit new places.
Some people have turned into full-time Instacart shoppers and earn up to $10 per delivered batch. The app partners with grocery stores and independent contractors to make home deliveries.
As an Instashopper, you make money by shopping from listed groceries and delivering to customers. All you need to become a member is your smartphone and a flexible schedule.
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Gift Card Granny
Global gift card sales had hit $378 billion. Every one buys gift cards but the creative shopper makes money from every purchased gift card. How? Meet Gift Card Granny!
This money-making app allows users to compare and find the best gift cards. You can earn rewards from each buy or make money by reselling the gift card. You can also customize your gift cards, send virtual ones, or order physical gift cards.
Earnings come from referrals or purchases made on the app. Gift Card Granny sends you an affiliate link that you can share with your friends and relatives.
Qmee, like Swagbucks, comes with a web browser that allows earning from your web browsing. You’re also able to gain from the app by taking paid surveys and reviewing your favorite brand.
This is also among the best money making apps when it comes to saving on shopping. The app makes your life easier by tracking the best online deals. It displays potential savings on shopping before you go ahead to buy.
One of the best things about Qmee is that, unlike on other platforms, surveys don’t dry up. There are always several surveys to keep your earnings growing. Above all, this is one of the fewest money making apps that don’t limit withdrawals.
This app allows you perks like earning $20 in bonuses for downloading a shopping app? That’s the first benefit you’ll gain from Ibotta. And whether you’re shopping online or offline, you’ll still make money on the app.
Ibotta has partnered with over 300 offline retailers allowing you to save money from many products. Online shoppers can also get cash rewards from travel sites, food apps, and entire retailers.
Other ways to make money on Ibotta include bonuses and referrals. It’s also a couponers’ favorite because of its extensive savings strategies. Apart from activity savings, you may also enjoy rebates, redeemable coupons or coupon stacking.
Coinbase App
It’s impossible to talk about the best money-making apps without mentioning a cryptocurrency app. Deutsche Bank reported that cryptocurrency could someday replace cash entirely.
One of the most popular cryptocurrency apps is Coinbase. This app serves as a wallet to store your digital currencies as you hunt for the best trading deals.
Making money here may mean buying bitcoins at a low price and holding them until they appreciate. Referring your friends can earn you $10 worth of bitcoins for their every $100 deposit.
Cryptocurrency has also grown into a form of investment. Rather than see your savings lose value under inflation, Crypto may offer higher appreciation potential. For instance, the value of Bitcoin grew from under $1,000 in 2013 to $11,000 in 2018.
Inbox Dollars
Most people dream of earning from their favorite online activities. Inbox Dollars is the best money making app for you. You make money by watching TV and videos, shopping, filling surveys and reading emails.
You also earn up to 18% in cashback for every dollar spent on games. Some top games here include Candy Jam, Monkey Bubble Shooter, Outspell and Solitaire.
The app lures you with a $5 signup bonus incentive. And surveys can earn you up to $25 within 20 minutes, especially if you match the targeted geographic zone. To date, Inbox Dollars has paid out $59 billion in cash rewards to its users.
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Mercari App
Mercari can become your best money making app if you want a free online selling and shopping app. Not only are you here to buy but you also get to sell any imaginable legal stuff.
It’s entirely free to list your items. On top of that, you may earn $5 for your first listing. Mercari only charges a 10% commission on your sales, which you can markup on your selling price.
As an entrepreneur looking for ways to boost your sales and increase your revenues, this is a great app. You can expose your products to the Mercari community without incurring promotion fees.
Buying on Mercari is also very safe as the platform holds payments until you receive your item. You can access refunds in case of delays, while top brands may unleash discounts of up to 70% on the platform.
Lyft App
You’ve probably heard of Uber. But if you want an alternative rideshare app, Lyft is your solution. In some cities, Lyft rates can be more user- friendly. Lyft charges lower per mile and minute rates compared to Uber.
Lyft also has lenient joining requirements. You only need to be at least 21 years, own an iPhone and have a one-year-old in-state driver’s license. You may also undergo various checks before approval. Above all, your car must be in good condition.
Merchandiser App
You will want to pay attention to Merchandiser if you’re only interested in gigs near your home area. The app connects you to retail store owners around your town and allows you to pick your favorite gigs.
You can make money on Merchandiser by accepting gigs which include:
* Restocking shelves
* Updating shelf tags
* Placing stickers on items
* Conducting product display audits
* Working as a brand ambassador
You’ll get paid after finishing the gig, and the merchandiser team confirming satisfactory completion. Because of its flexibility, it’s one of the best money making apps, especially if you’re a digital nomad.
Acorns App
The Acorns app is the best money making app for you if you struggle saving. It’s also perfect if you want to build a small investment out of your loose change. The app links up with your credit or debit cards to round up your change into a computerized investment portfolio.
The more you shop and earn cashback rewards, the more your investment grows. You also have a choice to either save as little as $1 per month or more. A $5 a month tier allows you to open an investment account for your kids.
Your savings form a portfolio that’s manned and guided by a computer. Shopping from designated brands allows you to earn more and grow your investment.
The only downside to this mode of saving is that slow growth can be discouraging. But with patience and consistency, you can build an extensive portfolio.
Sweat Coin
There’s always a “why” behind every downloaded app. Sweatcoin’s “why” is to motivate you into a healthier lifestyle. The more you’ll use this app, the more Sweatcoins you’ll earn─ and the fitter you’ll become.
Sweatcoin is a digital currency accumulation app. You have to walk or run to earn the Sweatcoins. One thousand steps made and tracked by the app will earn you 1 SWC.
It might sound a bit weird at first but imagine you can redeem your coins for items like watches, music, airline miles, or gift cards. You may also donate your SWC to charity.
Dosh App
Dosh is not only among the best money apps for shoppers but it’s also for great travelers. The app partners with hotels and retailers worldwide to allow users to save on their spending.
Dosh allows you to earn cashback every time you spend in a designated merchant or hotel. And unlike most apps, you don’t have to activate or register with the merchants to start earning.
Once you link your cards with the app, you can spend on affiliated designations and continue earning with no effort. The good thing, like most money-making apps, Dosh is available on Google store and Apple App Store.
BeFrugal App
The last best money making app on our guide is the BeFrugal app. As the name suggests, this is an app designed to help you get the most cash rewards out of your shopping. Once signed up, you’re qualified to earn up to 40% cashback on registered stores.
BeFrugal can be very reliable if you’re using its browser extension. The app auto-fills coupon codes in your shopping carts to ensure you’re not missing out on any savings. You may also stack coupon codes to boost savings on purchases.
What Are Your Best Money Making App Picks?
With all these tremendous money-making apps, it can be tricky picking out the best one. But the easiest way is to pick an app that aligns with your online behaviors.
If you love gaming, select an app that rewards gamers. Sometimes, you can speed up your earnings by choosing several apps to use at once. No matter what you choose, be consistent and try to have fun while making some extra cash.
For more tips on making money with apps, check out our list here.
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